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MEOW MEW (Thank you)!

Cats play with each other as well as alone on Ripple Rug. An added benefit is that most of their toys are now around the Ripple Rug instead of scattered around the house.
Elizabeth, Verified Purchase
My cat loves this thing! I often walk into the room to just find her “hiding out” inside, sometimes with a tell-tale paw or tail sticking out of one of the holes. Once you get her started with playing, though, she goes crazy. Great way to wear out your very energetic kitty!
Sea Dog, Verified Purchase
It took a few days, but now all three of my cats love this. It’s great to change the configuration and hide toys inside. Would absolutely recommend this for your kitties.
M. Sieger, Verified Purchase
I gave this to my cat for her first birthday yesterday and now she refuses to sleep. All she wants to do is play with the rug. This afternoon she started dragging toys into it to play with. Persephone is generally a very independent cat and doesn’t like to play with most toys but I noticed she liked to play with things when her view was obscured or she had to stick her arms through things. Most of the time she just wanted to sleep. But ever since she got this carpet it’s been not stop play. Persephone is also very timid and now she seems much more confident because she feels protected when she is covered. Overall it’s increased her activity and her mood and confidence has gotten better. She’s become much more happy.
Chloe Esposito, Verified Purchase
Have to say, when my husband came home with the Ripple Rug, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t think my cats would have the least bit interest in it. I was wrong. I have two cats, one who is an inside cat all the time. She loves this mat! She plays in it as well as sleeps on it. My outdoor cat has been in it, but not as much as my inside cat. And as for setting it up….. if my husband can do it…. anyone can!!! I thought for sure I would hear him calling for help, but he did it all by himself!!!
L Hubb, Verified Purchase
This is a very well thought out way to enrich your indoor cat’s environment. I especially liked the thoughtful design of the larger holes. They have small splits on opposite sides to allow a little extra flex in case your feline friend wedges herself in there. I think this will last for many years, even with heavy use. My cat already likes to sharpen her claws on it. The only down side is that visually it’s a sloppy mess regardless of how you configure it. I think it’s worth it for my little friend.
Thomas Raven, Verified Purchase
Easy set up: open, unfold, vacuum. Done.Cats took to it immediately! Normally our 2 little guys are picky about new play things, but after tossing in a toy for them to find, they jumped right into the folds & holes. Change it up.We shake out the top rug daily to keep the cats guessing. They love to burrow, cuddle, and play on this thing! We especially like that it’s well made in the USA.
Guilderland Lady, Verified Purchase
Great rug and play area for my kitties! Many thanks to the company for the details and thoughtfulness in design and materials. Love it!!
JT, Verified Purchase
Probably their favorite toys to date! They play on and in it and they take their cat naps on it! It’s a permanent fixture in our home,
Darlene, Verified Purchase
Our cat really loves this rug! You can configure the ripples, tunnels however you want. We throw small toys within and he goes bananas hunting for them. Totally worth the price.
m. thornton, Verified Purchase
My cat is CRAZY for the Ripple Rug! This product brings hours of entertainment and infinite play possibilities. Highly recommended!
HelenKate, Verified Purchase
Just picked this up for our 3 Cheetoh’s and Bengal.Our Cheetoh’s love it.They rearrange the top themselves . Endless opportunities for play. Best gift we ever gave our purr friends!
Susan Scheble, Verified Purchase
Two of my four cats love this carpet. Even if they are not playing in the nooks and crannies – they want to sit on it or lie on it. They are very possessive and upset when the other cats want to play on it.
Dee M, Verified Purchase
My tortie cat loves this item! My tabby is not interested in it, but it could be because my tortie has claimed it as hers. My cat gets great exercise jumping through the holes. I have a little feather that I dangle around it. She loves it!
Michele, Verified Purchase
I was a little worried that my cat wouldn’t appreciate this hefty investment, but it only took her a few sniffs and her favorite toy to fall in love with this thing. Now she loves to dive into it whenever I chase her and swat at my feet when I pass by. She’ll scratch it after waking up from a nap. She loves attacking catnip toys that I bury under the folds. If I put my hand underneath the bottom-most mat and jiggle it, she’ll leap onto it like a fox. It’s really cute.
She used to be an outdoor cat and would always look so listless after we transitioned to indoor only, but now I feel so much better about leaving her at home. I also occasionally find claw sheaths on the rug, which is a great sign that she’s scratching it. It’s pretty sturdy, too, but with this level of entertainment value, I would buy this rug again if it broke down.
This is the toy of all toys. I think two cats would have tons of fun playing with this together, but it’s perfect for a single cat, too. The way the rug bounces back after she swats it is super entertaining for her. Get this toy!
Soobin, Verified Purchase
This thing is great. My cat loves to stick his paws through all the holes to get his toys out. This also provided an alternative to his attacking the door mat. He also loves lounging between the ripples, rolling, and scratching on it. I could have saved a lot of money on cat stuff if I had purchased this first.
Sara Lynch, Verified Purchase
This a very well constructed and creative toy. Our cats love it, especially our 6 pound Siamese. She took to it immediately, and enjoys every configuration we come up with. It is so nice to be able to purchase a pet toy made in the USA. The product videos are as entertaining as anything on TV these days.
Sue, Verified Purchase
Was worried about this purchase since our cat is sooo picky but she loves it!!! Took her about 10 minutes to get use to it and make sure it was safe lol…good material with plenty of holes. Would highly recommend this to anyone.
Lisa Larson, Verified Purchase
My cats are usually mediocre about toys….this they LOVE! When I can’t find them, they are usually hiding under a ripple. This was worth every cent I paid for it. It also gives them a new place to sharpen their claws.
gscharley, Verified Purchase
TOur two kitties have been enjoying their new “play station” for about two weeks now. Our boy gets the most use out of it, since it’s a great place to hide and sneak attack anyone passing by (his favorite thing to do). He’s dashed through it like a cannon ball, and so far none of the fasteners have been damaged. Because he’s a robust-sized kitty (no, really, it’s all muscle) and generally a ball of energy (we’re convinced he was a Jack Russell in a former life), I enlarged some of the holes for easier access/exit. My husband refers to these as “portly portals”, and it was quite simple to do without compromising the sturdiness or structure of the top rug.

The rugs themselves seem to be of genuinely good quality. No unpleasant odors were noticeable when the packaging was first opened, and we haven’t had any issues with nails (or a certain boy’s teeth) getting caught in the rugs. Set-up was quite easy and reconfiguring the shapes keeps The Ripple Rug from losing its novelty. Oh, and cleaning it is as simple as a good rinse, patting it dry with a towel, and a little time hanging up to make certain the backing is completely dry. Wish I could get kitty puke out of all my carpets so easily!

Overall, while the concept of this product is simple, I wouldn’t bother trying to make one of these on my own. Most of the rugs you would buy in a store are not US-made products and fiber content, dyes, etc. are therefore questionable. Plus, the guess work on how to adhere the velcro firmly and safely has already been done. I commend the owners/inventors of The Ripple Rug for taking all kinds of quality and safety concerns into consideration, and coming up with a really fun and versatile product that my fur babies actually enjoy!

M W, Verified Purchase
I’m used to spending money on things my cats either ignore completely or lose interest in after five minutes. But they not only play with the Ripple Rug by themselves during the day, but if I even go near it at least one of them jumps on it and starts mewing for me to play with her. We’ve had it about a week, and all three of them still play with it every day which is not something I can say for most cat products.
They enjoy finding their toys hidden in various places under the mat and also love when I put a wand or hand under the mat and move it around. When I change the ripple pattern, they all sit around and watch, just waiting to jump on. I’ve seen them stalking each other and pouncing from behind a large ripple. Sometimes they just lay on it even when they’re not playing. I feel I’ve already gotten my money’s worth from this product after just one week.
The quality is good; it still looks brand new after a week of being pounced on, scratched, bitten, and bunny kicked by three good-sized cats. I expect it to last a long time. My cats and I are delighted with the Ripple Rug.
Jill Bernhardt, Verified Purchase
This product is a 10+. My 3 month old foster entertains himself on this mat all night. My 2 adult cats are perched on it every chance the get. The product is well designed offering much enrichment and exercise for kitty. Though it is a bit pricey, it is well made in in the US. Drag a teaser through any of the various size openings, toss a ping pong ball, mouse or feather in it and kitties will hunt and crawl through the openings. This is a very clever product which will entertain your kitties for hours without batteries or replacement parts. Every shelter, rescue, foster & cat guardian should have this Ripple Rug. It is tons of fun alone for kitty or with a playmate.
Dantesla1 , Verified Purchase
I ordered this ripple rug for a friend who’s cat was constantly playing in & with her area rugs & bunching them up so they are always tripping over them when stepping down into the family room where the rugs were supposed to prevent humans slipping or tripping on the step. Her Miss Mable kitty liked to hide her toys inside & under the rubber backed throw rugs & attack the rugs themselves so this play rug seemed like the perfect solution & so far it is! The cat (plus her other cat) took to the rug right away & have been playing with & in it with their toys nonstop since she put it down for them. Only time will tell if it deters them from bunching up the floor rugs but I’m betting it will.
Sara B, Verified Purchase
My cats went NUTS over this product the minute I took it out of the box (they loved the box too). 10 days later – they are still playing with this. I love the fact that this is using recyclable bottles to make and it is very easy to use. I haven’t even introduced toys or treats to it yet. The ages range from 17 years to 3 years and everyone gets a turn either stalking or sleeping on it. At first I thought it was a little pricey but now I find that is not an issue at all – I highly recommend it!
Patricia R Ries, Verified Purchase
I bought this Ripple Rug for my rats, not cats. They absolutely love it! This rug is brilliant and provides all kinds of tunnels, hiding places and exits for my 4 ratties to play in. They will play on this rug for 15-20 minutes without a break, and for anyone who has rats, they will know that that’s a long time for rats to show interest in something. The ability to reshape the landscape of the rug is a great way to maintain their interest.Ripple Rug needs to market this for rats and maybe ferrets as well, it was one of the best purchases I’ve made for my boys. Search for “Rats Romping on a Ripple Rug” on YouTube if you’re interested in watching them play on it.
PR Crandall, Verified Purchase
There are now two periods of time in my cats lives; the Pre-Ripple Rug and the Post-Ripple Rug eras. I have a younger male with a lot of energy and a slightly older female that eats a lot of kibble. From the moment I opened the package until now The Ripple Rug has become the center of their universes. Using it with a play wand or the toy mice seems to work great to keep them occupied for as long as needed, then they use it as a place to sleep. Well worth the price.
Mark G, Verified Purchase
I agree with another reviewer that the price may make you think twice about purchasing the Ripple Rug. But if your cat likes to chase “mice” under rugs, blankets, etc., kitty is bound to find this rug great fun. At our house, we’ve definitely gotten our money’s-worth. We’ve come up with a number of games to play with this versatile rug. Our kitty has fun chasing “mice” under the carpet, diving in and out of the larger holes, and chasing toys that disappear through a hole. Hands-down, it’s our cat’s favorite toy right now, and the only one he wants to play with. We love the Ripple Rug!
Ollie’s Mom, Verified Purchase
My cats LOVE this! I have one who enjoys playing hide & seek with his toys and this is PURRFECT for him. The other two like to use it for napping. One of the BEST cat products I’ve purchased!
A Turner, Verified Purchase
Our five cats all love it! The oldest is 9, the youngest 1. They really love it. They play with it every single day. We have had it for several weeks now, and bought an extra one yesterday.
Sebastiaan, Verified Purchase
My two 5 month old kittens LOVE the ripple rug! They hide in the tunnels, sleep and play on the rug. I’m really glad I purchased it.
Courtney M, Verified Purchase
Cats love it! They started playing with it before I finished assembling it. I love that it’s made in the USA and with recycled materials.
Denise P Li, Verified Purchase
I had to move this far away from my bedroom since my two cats like to play in it all night. It’s been over a week and they still love playing in it
LV, Verified Purchase
My cats love this rug. I bought two so they can each enjoy their own. They hide in it, scratch it and rest on it. It’s well made, the bottom piece is non slippery and I reshape the top to create different patterns. My cats have lots of fun playing on the rug.
Iiona, Verified Purchase
We bought this for our 6 month old kitten because she loves playing in the blanket tents that our kids make for her. She loves hiding in the Ripple Rug and using it as a scratching mat. I feel like both rug pieces are well made and will last a long time.
JennRK, Verified Purchase
This is just what my cat needed. He’s an extremely intelligent Lynx Point Siamese, who needs a lot of stimulation in his environment. I can rearrange the top layer and hide his toys inside. He spends a lot of time playing “hunt for the mouse” in this thing. What an awesome cat enrichment tool.
4Catlady, Verified Purchase
Genius! As soon as I saw this product and read the reviews, I knew my boys had to have it. They love “hunting” for anything that disappears under something, so this is perfect for them. I was hoping that they would entertain themselves with the rug and some toys, which they do, but they also lead me back to the rug so I can offer some challenges. It took about 60 seconds for them to start playing with it once I unrolled it. When they aren’t playing with it, they are just sitting on it, hanging out. The rug seems very durable and their claws are getting nice and sharp.
This is a very nice product and worth every penny.
MichTisch, Verified Purchase
II have 5 cats who range in age from 7 to 17. All of them are enjoying the Ripple Rug.They don’t get bored with it because I can change up the “ripples” and put new toys in the holes to keep them interested. The rug was bigger than I thought it would be, but that’s actually working out well, as more than one cat uses it at once.The quality is fantastic. I’ve had it about a month, and it looks brand new, even though all of my cats are biting and clawing it. I’d definitely recommend it to others!
S Morre, Verified Purchase
I bought this for my son’s very active cat. It seemed like the only cat toy around that was different. And it is. Most cat toys don’t get played with much. This one was an immediate success. His cat even drops her balls in it, and then attacks them. After playing, then she rests on it. A great toy!
Marsha b Yarbrough, Verified Purchase
My 8 month old cat went crazy for this play mat. He started playing with it around 8pm the night I had it delivered then continued to play with it until I went to sleep. This product is great quality and I would recommend it to any cat owner.
Dustin Hamilton, Verified Purchase
My cats LOVE this thing! They started playing with it right away and are having a ball!
Jennifer G, Verified Purchase
My cats have been playing for almost an hour and are still having fun. One recommendation don’t put in your bedroom, they will want to play all night.
Ann Taylor, Verified Purchase
My cats love this rug! As soon as they hear the velcro, they come running. Best cat toy i’ve ever seen.
Kathleen O, Verified Purchase
Our 7 yr old male became an indoor only cat this past fall due to the coyotes in our area. He began to scratch the furniture. After trying everything and at my wits end we gave this rug a try. I didn’t have high hopes because he loves to stretch when he claws and he’s not a kitten. To my amazement he loves it. The rug even stays in place when runs, jumps and attacks it. I’m so happy he is happy!
Alex Drennon, Verified Purchase
The reviews are spot on. Put this down about an hour ago and one cat hasn’t left it yet. Unfortunately, he’s being terrirorial so the other cat hasn’t had much time to play on it. Will hae to figure out how to make that work… But, so far, he’s in love…. I love that it’s easily collapsible and easy to manipulate and move. It’s true that the material isn’t so stiff that it easily makes tunnel shapes, but it’s good enough to make some interior spaces for them to play in. You just have to play around with it a bit.
C. Lawson, Verified Purchase
My cats LOVE this! I have bought hundreds of toys for my two spoiled cats (aptly named Young Master and Little Boss) and this is Boss’s favorite toy. When I get a chance to include pictures, Master is the grey cat and Boss is the black and white cat.Young Master is more chill and usually snubs all toys, he plays with this once in a while and that is a success for me. Boss is much more playful, he basically lives on and in the Ripple Rug now. He is constantly ducking in an out of the holes and hiding things inside for him to find again later. It sounds silly, but he’s always super excited to find these toys he either forgot about or pretends he forgot about lol.
Linh La, Verified Purchase