Please take a moment to read our return information as it is unlike any you have read before 🙂

Returns and Refunds are a tricky subject. We have come up with a creative way to make returns more beneficial as they are typically not fun for anyone. We only sell brand new products. We never sell a returned product as we are committed to 100% new products with ever order. For both safety and due to health hazards that may be unknown to the pet owner at the time of the return, we cannot sell a returned item. Our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing we only ship brand new items when you buy from us, guaranteed!

When we process a return (which is not often), the return is donated to a shelter whenever possible.

Note: this policy only applies to purchases made on the Ripple Rug website. Purchases made on Amazon, eBay, Chewy, Walmart and all others have specific return guidelines based on the website the purchase was made.

If you would like to return or process a Return and/or Refund; please choose from the options below

Option 1:
Item has not been delivered. Refuse delivery, choose return to sender. Upon return, a refund will be granted minus the initial shipping fee ( a receipt will be provided for your records)

Option 2: (our favorite option):
Within 15 days of the delivery date; bring your purchase to a local registered non-profit organization (shelter/rescue/aspca/humane society). Donate in the name of SnugglyCat Inc. Please provide a certificate of donation, (a cell phone picture will suffice.) We will refund you the full product price of your order.

You will benefit by helping pets in need of enrichment and receive a full refund in the process. We feel it is the best approach to ensure of the best outcome for all. We recommend this option above all others. To take advantage of this option, you must contact us prior to donation to receive a donation authorization.(Please note, a donations made after the 15 day return period will not be refunded)

Option 3:
Product has been delivered but has never been opened; buyer returns item, our initial shipping cost is deducted, and 5% restock fee is applied to cover the inspection process. Your return will then be donated to a local charity.

Option 4:
If product has been used and returned in a condition other than it was shipped (ie: used); buyer pays return shipping, and a 50% inspection/clean/restock fee is applied. The combined costs may be equal to or greater than the entire cost of product. These costs add up quickly; we do not recommend this option as it is expensive on both sides, and you will likely be unhappy with the refunded amount. Your return will be donated to a local charity once it has been inspected/cleaned/restocked.

Option 5:
Keep it and re-introduce it to your kitty with some toys. It makes a great gift for a friend.

Option 6:
donate to a local charity, rescue or shelter and take a tax deduction for yourself while making a happy cat.

Important Note: All returns or donations must have a ‘Return Authorization’ approved by SnugglyCat prior to shipping or donating. Shipping or Donating prior to approval will result in no refund.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed. We are happy to help.

If you plan to ship it back to us, please pack it up and send via a trackable courier to:

SnugglyCat Inc
370 East Conesville Road
Gilboa, NY 12076
attn: Returns Dept.

Please include your order # and/or name somewhere on the package.


Fred Ruckel
Inventor of The Ripple Rug
SnugglyCat Inc.
Proudly Made in the USA