How Am I Supposed To Live Without You? [mom]

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat From the day I was born, my mommy-cat’s human was there to watch over us. She fed mommy-cat, cuddled her and she also looked after us too. The human would pick us up, and because of that, we became comfortable with humans too. We didn’t feel threatened by [...]

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If You Leave Me Now

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Meeeeoooow. The first night was hard. I was very excited about my new humans and all the exciting new places that I could run and hide in. There were plenty of strange new smells and things to bite on. I discovered new surfaces that felt incredible when I [...]

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Exploring My New Home

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Moving into my new home was a big adventure for me. Lots of new smells, plenty of places to hide, no siblings crawling on me or biting me. But no mommy-cat either! I recall that moment of panic when I had to go to sleep the first night. [...]

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