Let Your Kitty Decide! Do they like to nestle on top of the rug or hide inside?

YODA – What cat-like behavior does she exhibit outdoors, when she hears the call of nature?

Typically when Yoda gets to experience the great outdoors (under human supervision), she likes to perch high, on rocks, ledges or raised surfaces. Her preferred method of hunting is to pounce from above, jumping down to catch unsuspecting prey.

She also likes to spend time just sitting and observing, watching the world around her, always from a raised position. e.g deck, table, etc..

SPOCK – What cat-like behavior does he exhibit outdoors, when he smells fresh air and hears the birds?

Spock’s difficult to spot when he’s outside, (even under human supervision, we have to keep our eyes peeled when we are outside), he likes to hide in the long grass and under bushes. He likes to dive at unsuspecting prey as they meander into his reach.

Spock also likes to loaf in the long grass, snoozing on the spot, hidden from the world around him.


Yoda loves sitting on top of the rug, nestling into the ripples. She prefers a softer top rug. She deliberately waits for us to reshape the rug and then she’ll come along and plonk herself down. Walking around in circles on the spot before finally settling down. She loves sticking her paws in the holes, even when lying on top of the rug.


Spock loves hiding under the rug.  We’ll watch him dive under the rug, even when it doesn’t look like there’s any space. If he doesn’t want to be picked up, he’ll run straight to the Ripple Rug and hide inside. He thinks that we can’t see him in there. You can often observe his peaking out of the holes, ready to pounce on any passer-by, grabbing a leg! Spock prefers the stiffer top.

1) Vacuum your Ripple Rug when necessary to prevent nail shards, fur, and dander from embedding into the carpet pile.

2) We also recommend using a rubber glove to brush the rug and ball up the loose fur on the carpet. A sweeping motion with your hand will do the trick, it will collect a lot of fur, you might be amazed how well you can pluck fur from the rug with a glove 🙂 Tip: Using the rubber glove method actually works well to remove hair from other surfaces and clothes!

3) A sticky roller may be used all over or simply around the holes, to catch the fur that grooms your kitty as they go through the holes.

4) Remove the cat-fur natural oils built up from play time, grooming or snacking with a washing.

5) Wash clean with soap and water.

6) You may if you wish use a garden hose outside, in a bath tub or in the washing machine on cold cycle. If you decide to put your rug into the washing machine, we recommend covering the touch-points so that they don’t attach to the rug during the cycle.

7) Use basic cleaning products, no harsh chemicals.

8) If you choose to use a fabric softener it will make the carpet very soft. (If you ever want to make your carpet stiff in the future you will need to wash the rug several times without fabric softner).

9) To dry, simply hang flat/straight to dry. Do not use a clothes dryer, higher temperatures may cause the hook-tape Touch-Point to release. The Ripple Rug material dries very quickly.

10) Cats love a clean place to relax. So don’t hesitate to wash the rug if your cat barfs on it.

1) Firstly, we recommend vacuuming the carpet, this will help remove any fur that has collected on the fibers.

2) A sticky roller may be used all over or simply around the holes.

3) Cleaning with soap and water helps remove the natural kitty oils left on the rug. (We find that a garden hose works really well.)

4) We also recommend hanging the rug straight to dry (rather than putting it in a dryer).

5) To dry, simply hang flat/straight to dry. Do not use a dryer, higher temperatures may cause the Touch-Point to release.

**It is imperative that all oils from the fur and grooming are removed prior to using a hot iron**

6) Now get your iron out (don’t let kitty participate in this).

7) Set your clothes-iron to the polyester setting (around 225F).

8) Place the hot iron on the underside of the Ripple Rug (the same side as the hook-tape). Do not move the iron as you would when ironing clothes. Place the iron in one spot at a time. Put the iron on the desired location for up to 60 seconds. After 60 seconds you may lift the iron and move to the next area. No pressure is needed – simply allow the weight of the iron to work its magic by heating the area for 60 seconds (note: light pressure is okay, however – applying hard pressure will flatten out the rug like cardboard, irreversible damage).

Please note: Please ensure NOT to apply the hot iron to any of the Touch-Points, as it may cause the Touch-Points to release. Always remember, let the iron’s weight and heat do all the work, applying pressure is optional.

9) For extra stiffness, you may use a little steam and light pressure (use steam sparingly, as in don’t soak the rug into a soppy wet blob), or a fine spray of water can help. As before don’t apply hard pressure when ironing, just move the iron place to place along the carpet!