We Love The Ripple Rug Because We Know That It’s A Safe Place For Our Cats (Yoda & Spock).

That’s Yoda in the picture below, hanging out on the Ripple Rug. We have many rugs around our home, and Yoda happily goes and plonks herself from one onto the next.



Safety Slits – allows for expansion of hole. Current size based on average 10lb domestic cat. (If your cat weighs more than an average domestic cat, the slits may be cut with sharp scissors to accommodate weightier breeds).

Non-Toxic Carpet – made from PET post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (e.g. water, soda bottles), the polyester fiber is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. If your cat decides to chew the carpet, (as ours does regularly), the polyester isn’t bad.

Non-Slip Coating – The non-toxic rubber coating prevents the rug from slipping when cats pounce on the rug. (We’ve all seen cats dive across a room and go crashing into the furniture because they just can’t brake in time – not with this rug). Fun fact: The latex in the non-slip coating is the same as that used in surgeons’ gloves.

Touch-Point Release – Should the hook-tape take firm grip of the carpet while your fur-ball rolls inside your rug and decides to struggle, (as if under duress), fear not, the Touch-Points are calibrated to release.

Non-Fray Carpet Design – The special carpet ribbed needle-punch construction is designed not to fray. That means no stray threads to chew on. (Even if you decide to cut the carpet with sharp scissors, the carpet doesn’t produce little crumbs/bobbles).