By Yoda – The Snuggly Cat

I am a cat and I love my food. It’s the best part of the day. Frequently, I have to get my human to feed me. I’ve trained my human well. I hover around the kitchen. I meow loudly and adorably. I blink and look lovingly into their eyes. I rub myself against their legs. I walk around them in circles.

How many hints can one cat drop? “Feed me now, you fat-headed human!”

I admit, as a kitty I’m probably really hungry all the time. That’s what happens when you’re growing faster than Apple after the release of its new watch! [Maybe not ☺]

When I was born, until about seven weeks, mommy-cat’s milk formed the main staple of my diet. It was the best! Mommy-cat wasn’t so giving at around seven weeks. Her human was kind though, and left out extra tiny nibbly-bits for us to crunch on. These were challenging at first. I thought I was going to choke. After a bit of resistance, and time taken watching mommy-cat inhale those curious nibbly-bits, I got the hang of it.

Once the nibbly-bit is in your mouth, it’s hard to spit it out. I asked mommy-cat “Why”? She told me some nonsense about my tongue having little spears on. The rough, comb-like structures on my tongue are actually pointing towards my throat. She says it helps food go where it should. She said it also helps when grooming. My mommy-cat is super-smart!

I tried crunching the nibbly-bits, because they seemed to so big. It’s difficult to go from slurping milk shakes to swallowing golf-balls! Mommy-cat says crunching helps clean my teeth. Mommy-cat also told me not to bother chewing. She says chewing is for cows. (What’s a cow?). She said cows look disrespectful and unprofessional. “Us cats”, she tells me, “are very classy”. “We just don’t chew sideways!” she told me. I’ll never forget her advice.