To report a copycat, send an email to

If you are the first to report a fake-ad (that we’ve not already seen), you’ll receive a free Ripple Rug.

Please remember to warn your friends and family, so that they don’t get taken for a ride by the nasty, unscrupulous fakers that don’t care about the consequences of their actions, or whom they might hurt.


We’ve cobbled together screen-grabs of Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Amazon and dodgy websites created by evil rats, who have been using our Ripple Rug videos, photos, marketing as well as real pet-parents’ videos, photos and reviews! Meow…hiss… Yes the bad guys are using your pictures and videos of your sweet fur-baby to make themselves a boat-load of money. The bad guys are using your reviews about the Ripple Rug to make themselves richer. WHAT? It’s not fair.

The copycats manufacture cheaply-made imitations overseas, using cheap labor and inferior materials, that may be dangerous to your fur-baby. In several instances nasty rats have taken payment and credit card details from unsuspecting buyers, without ever shipping a product.

If you do see fake ads on Facebook, Instagram or any other Online Advertising please report it to us. We appreciate your help. Thank you for enabling us to protect our American Invention from counterfeiters.


Back in 2015 our product was stolen by copycats. We were horrified to learn that some unscrupulous infringers decided to try and make a knock-off of our beloved Ripple Rug – under a different name.
Copycats often follow a pattern: they run commercials, create a website, spread messages via social media etc.


Copycats use our pictures or videos. You may often spot fakers using copyrighted materials, because they blur or Photoshop out the Ripple Rug logos/labels. Images are often squeezed or stretched to hide existing graphics. The more cunning copycats use actual pet-parents videos, editing any shots that show the Ripple Rug woven label, so that you don’t know that it’s a Ripple Rug.

Unsuspecting buyers see the real Ripple Rug product featured, but don’t realize that the counterfeiters are using our Ripple Rug copyrighted/trademarked/patented property to sell cheaply made products that: don’t last long, fall apart, or don’t work as it should and in many instances may be dangerous for your fur-baby. Sadly we’ve also learned that sometimes these nasty rats just collect your money and credit card details and don’t send you anything, nada, zilch, zip, nil, nought, diddly-squat…you get the picture.

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Oh yes – it is absolutely crazy isn’t it?

We spend time everyday trying to take down counterfeiters. They pop-up like mushrooms!

We understand how easy it is to be taken in by these tricksters…because they have the audacity to use the words “SnugglyCat’s Ripple Rug”, our pictures, our videos and our marketing.

It breaks our heart that they use imagery/video of both our cats Yoda and Spock, without a care in the world. Most of all, it breaks our heart that they would take advantage of pet parents without any guilt or concern for the consequences of their actions.

The copycats should be ashamed of themselves – we wonder what their mother would think???

If you see a listing, anywhere in the world, on any platform or social media ad, and are in doubt if it’s genuine…contact us, we’ll let you know if it’s real. (If it’s fishy somehow i.e. there’s no transparency, no ‘about us’, or you don’t know you runs the site or page, it’s probably an imposter).

We’ll keeping adding more screen-grabs to our gallery as the days go by, we even plan to post some videos of the nasty fake products.

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