What are the dimensions?

When unfolded, the rug measures 47″ x 35″, that’s how much floor space you’ll need. Both the top and bottom rug are the same size (47″ x 35″).

Is this rug available in different colors?

The Ripple Rug is available in a range of different colors, so far we’ve produced: Beige, Mocha, Ivory, Oatmeal and Black. We are however, working with our carpet manufacturer to source more colors. So stay-tuned for limited-edition color runs. Our website and local pet stores are the only places you’ll find our current limited color batches of: Mocha Chocolate, Oatmeal White and Black ‘n’ Smokey.

Is it possible to purchase the top in a larger size?

Presently, we only make one size in two styles, a) round-cornered and b) square corners. Many pets-parents we’ve spoken to, have interconnected two Ripple Rugs together to make it larger. We are considering other size and shapes, and will certainly be manufacturing different styles in the future as our small mom-and-pop company grows. To note, we do sell baby base rugs separately, these are 27″ x 18″ (and are available in a range of colors).

Does it contain rubber or plastic?

The non-slip bottom (located on the underside of the bottom rug), is composed of a rubber-latex mixture. It’s similar to the formula found in higher-end bath mats.  Interestingly, the latex used in our non-slip coating is the same as that used for latex surgeons’ gloves.

The carpet is manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The plastic from the bottles is extruded into a polyester fiber, free from plasticizer. That is to say, there are no Phthalate plasticizers and no BPA in our product. Our cat Yoda loves/lives in/on her Ripple Rug, we would never put her in harm’s way and we’ve designed the products and the materials used around the safety of our fur baby.

We do recycle 24 plastic bottles per Ripple Rug, we think that’s a pretty scientific way to use post-consumer bottles.

Has the Ripple Rug been treated with Microban or any other chemical mold or mildew deterrent?

The Ripple Rug is not treated with Microban or any chemical mold or mildew deterrents. By nature, the 100% extruded polyester fibers used to make the carpet material are mold, mildew and stain resistant. Scientifically speaking polyester is a stable, unreactive fiber, that doesn’t help promote the grow of organic matter. As such, it also cleans very easily with soap and water. Polyester is becoming a popular textile because of its: durability, wrinkle + stain resistance, ability to be cleaned, and faster drying time.

When I buy a Ripple Rug does it come with both a top and bottom rug?

When you buy a Ripple Rug you receive a set of two rugs. The bottom is fully non-slip coated. The top rug (also made from a needle-punch polyester carpet) has a series of holes in it and Touch-Points fused to the underside of the top rug. The two rugs may be joined together by means of Touch-Points. The Touch-Points allow the rugs to be reconfigured as many times as desired.

Is this product pest resistant e.g. bed bugs etc?

The precise answer (provided by our scientific advisor): ‘There is no food source in the carpet material that the pest will live on. As with bed sheets, if you keep it clean of skin, poop or food they will not reside in polyester.’ OK, so no poop then 😉

Can I make the rug into mountain shapes?

The Ripple Rug is the flippity floppity rug that not only ripples, but also feels soft and spongy to cats. While cats love hard boxes to hide in, they love to interact, pounce and reshape the constant-reconfigurable forms of the Ripple Rug themselves – it’s feeds their curiosity and entertains their inquisitive minds. As such, the Ripple Rug is not designed to be a rigid structure. This is why we called the product the Ripple Rug and not the Mountain Rug, because it allow you to create ripples of all sizes, but not mountains.

Is there catnip in or on this to attract cats?

There is nothing applied to the carpet. We agree that, if you choose to put catnip onto your Ripple Rug, your cat may be further attracted to it! We ensure that the Ripple Rug is brand new and scent-free on delivery. We NEVER sell or send returns out as new. Once a cat has touched a carpet, scent glands on paws leave unique pheromones and unfamiliar scents that may deter your cat from loving their Ripple Rug.  That’s why it will always be new when you receive it.

How can you clean the Ripple Rug? Is it machine washable?

You may of course vacuum the Ripple Rug or use a sticky roller to remove fur and nail shards. Soap and water will work for most cases. If you cat decided to leave nasties on your rug, you can use a garden hose with soap, to zap away any heavy soiling. If you choose to use a washing machine, we recommend covering the touch-points and using cold water and low temperatures only. Leave the rugs to dry naturally and definitely don’t use the tumble dryer – MEOEW! We have comprehensive instructions for care and cleaning of your Ripple Rug in our How-To section.

Why do I need to wash the rug?

Did you know that cats release pheromones from various scents glands on their body, such as their paws and their heads? They do this to communicate with other cats and to establish the boundaries of their living areas. For this reason oils and liquids may build-up on the rug, these can soften the rug taking away that ‘new’ fresh feeling. Barf or other nasty deposits on your rug should also be cleaned, as these too can prevent the rug from performing as it should. A clean rug allows for better ripples and ‘cavities’ or ‘small nooks’  to be formed.

We have comprehensive instructions for care and cleaning of your Ripple Rug in our How-To section.

Does the Ripple Rug fulfill a feline’s environmental needs?

Yes, your kitty’s comfort, well-being and health are directly linked to their physical surroundings and their interactions with you. Understanding and addressing your furry friend’s needs can help reduce stress, the incidence of stress-related disorders, and unwanted behaviors, such as destroying furniture, chewing cables or aggressive traits. The Ripple Rug helps increase the enjoyment and interactions with your fur ball, as well as making their home a more interesting and safe place to live in.

What are the sizes of the holes and would my 18lb fur-ball fit?

There are a series of holes, varying from paw-sized ones (up to 2 inches in diameter), medium-sized holes – great for peering through (up to 4 inches in diameter) and larger holes, that bigger breeds may use as entrances/exits, (7 inches in diameter). The medium and larger holes each contain 4 safety slits that allow for additional expansion. It is also possible to increase the size of the slits if required, without damaging the carpet. We’ve had many pet parents tell us that their Maine Coons loves the Ripple Rug. 18lb of cute ‘n’ cuddly to love, prrr…

Is the Ripple Rug good for kittens or older cats?

The Ripple Rug is great for kitties of all ages. We’ve seen so many videos of kittens going wild on their Ripple Rug. We just love watching those adorable little kitties having a ball. It’s a great kitten training tool, it helps teach them where they can and can’t playout their instinctive behaviors. We’ve also had many pet parents tell us that their older cat has become more active thanks to their Ripple Rug. Meow…it’s true, each cat interacts differently, some want the rug to themselves, some just play all night and then sleep all day, never leaving their rug. We’ve even heard stories of non-stop meowing from cats, during those times when their parents have taken the rug away to clean the rug! Yes it’s true, e.g., take a peek at what pet-parents are posting on Instagram #ripplerug You can see lots of the happy cats interacting with their Ripple Rug.

How does version 2.0 differ from the original version?

Version 2.0 has a round-cornered more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. We’ve put into practice much of the feedback received from pet-parents, to help improve performance, functionality and longevity of the Ripple Rug.

Do cats like to sharpen their nails on the Ripple Rug?

Each cat is different, however, many pet-parents have remarked how wonderful it is to watch their fur baby dig their nails in the rugs and claw away. (Better the rug than the sofa). Yoda, our cat will often go into a frenzy of digging her nails into her rug, especially when she wants attention. When we hear her clawing, we always stop what we are doing and encourage her to continue: “Good Yoda”. We’re happy that she’s clawing the rug and not the sofa! The carpet is a needle-punch construction which many cats seemingly love to scratch and pull on as they stretch.

Do you ship internationally? What does it cost?

We now ship to many countries internationally. If you don’t see your country on the ‘Add To Cart’ listing page, please contact us and we’ll do our best to add your country to our growing list. Please note: you will be responsible for the cost of shipping and any taxes/duties/tariffs imposed by the country of destination.

What is your return/refund/exchange policy?

We’ll happily accept packages within 30 days of the sale date and we will process the refund. We ask that the product is not used, and it is in exactly the same condition in which you received it. Return shipping costs are the buyers’ responsibility. We do not take title to returned items until the item arrives at our fulfillment center. Sale items cannot be refunded. Refunds or exchanges are available for any defective merchandise. View comprehensive refund policy.

We also 100% guarantee, that any Ripple Rug you receive, is brand new and never a returned rug. As soon as a cat’s paw touches the rug it releases its own unique scent. We don’t want your cat to feel as though their home has been invaded by another cat, we’ve never and will never send out a used-return. We individually inspect and clean returns, then we donate them to cat shelters, to help provide environmental enrichment.

What’s the deal with shipping?

We ship to customers nationwide at our own expense. Our out of pocket shipping cost on each Ripple Rug averages around $12 delivered to your door. We take great pride in making an excellent, high quality, US product and shipping it quickly. As our product is not cheap to make, nor cheap to ship, we hope that customers will read/view our graphically-depicted instructions along with viewing our How-To-Shape video PRIOR to returning. (Actually, we hope that you read and watch all of our information prior to purchasing the product so you fully understand the nature of the rug). The expenses of a return can be exorbitant due to the distance it must travel and the size of the package. We ship to customers in custom, exact-fit packaging to keep shipping costs down. Our mailer can be turned inside out and used to send the product back to us, for the most cost-expensive shipping price. When customers ship it back in a large box, the cost of return shipping goes up, customers become upset at these unforeseen costs, however shipping prices are beyond our control. We wish that shipping was cheaper, but we sadly have no control over how much the USPS, UPS, FedEx or any other carrier charges. It too saddens us, especially during the holidays, the cost of shipping increases because of seasonal demands. So please don’t get into a cat fight because the high cost of shipping, it is like a nasty-rat for all of us 🙁