Donuts! – Covered In Cinnamon Sugar Balls

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Mew – did I feel rough yesterday! Let me tell you why… My humans left the nest for a few hours. Within that time, I decided to entertain myself. I managed to jump on the metal door flapper handle thing and I made my escape. Oh - what [...]

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Do I Need Vaccines? [first vet visit]

by Yoda - The Snuggly Cat I don’t like the people in white coats. Every time I see them – I feel miserable. I just don’t get it. Why would my humans bring me to that urine-scented, fear-filled place? The first time I went there, my humans put me into a plastic box, with [...]

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How Am I Supposed To Live Without You? [mom]

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat From the day I was born, my mommy-cat’s human was there to watch over us. She fed mommy-cat, cuddled her and she also looked after us too. The human would pick us up, and because of that, we became comfortable with humans too. We didn’t feel threatened by [...]

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Why Do Cats Knead?

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat My siblings and I were a needy litter. We loved mommy-cat and we loved her milkshakes. We didn’t want to a moment apart from her. We would jam our heads into her belly and suckle away. Kneading away with our little paws: left then right then left etc. [...]

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Scratchy Scratchy

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Us kitties love to scratch. We wake up in the morning and stretttttch. Our little claws hold us into place as we seemingly spread out like an accordion and get the circulation going. My humans don’t always seem happy with me when I stick my paws into the [...]

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If You Leave Me Now

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Meeeeoooow. The first night was hard. I was very excited about my new humans and all the exciting new places that I could run and hide in. There were plenty of strange new smells and things to bite on. I discovered new surfaces that felt incredible when I [...]

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Exploring My New Home

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Moving into my new home was a big adventure for me. Lots of new smells, plenty of places to hide, no siblings crawling on me or biting me. But no mommy-cat either! I recall that moment of panic when I had to go to sleep the first night. [...]

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