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Exploring My New Home

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Moving into my new home was a big adventure for me. Lots of new smells, plenty of places to hide, no siblings crawling on me or biting me. But no mommy-cat either! I recall that moment of panic when I had to go to sleep the first night. [...]

Exploring My New Home2020-03-18T22:03:30+00:00

Drink To A Brighter Future [cat milk]

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat We completely relied on our mommy-cat for milk. Our mommy-cat had a great human, who made sure that she had plenty of extra food and water to keep her energy levels up. It takes a lot of stamina to raise six fur-babes. We were pretty much nursing every [...]

Drink To A Brighter Future [cat milk]2020-03-18T21:59:35+00:00

Jedi Mind Trick: “Take Me Home”

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat I guess you’re wondering how I got the name Yoda. It might have been because of my exceptionally big ears when I was a tiny kitty. I didn’t have the power to make anything levitate nor did I sound like Frank Oz (the man behind Yoda’s voice in [...]

Jedi Mind Trick: “Take Me Home”2020-03-18T21:49:50+00:00

Nothing To Do With Fabric Softner [3 weeks old]

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Aw, weren’t we a fine looking bunch of fur-babies? Looking around, stumbling like we’ve had too many cocktails! We weren’t so strong on our feet back then, so we kept bumping into each other. Everyday my sight was becoming clearer, I could actually tell the difference between my [...]

Nothing To Do With Fabric Softner [3 weeks old]2020-03-18T21:45:31+00:00

Mom Gave Good Milk!

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat I love my mommy-cat. She’s the best. She put up with six of us. We sucked, clawed and snuggled with her non-stop – both day and night. She may have started to loose interest in us, when we became a little unruly. Not me you understand, I always [...]

Mom Gave Good Milk!2020-03-18T21:40:36+00:00

Healthy ‘n’ Hungry Fur-balls

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat I don’t really remember that much from back then. A ten-day old kitty just sleeps mostly. On that day though, something strange happened. Fuzzy things were moving in front of my face. It was pretty bright, but I really couldn’t make out much. Although my eyes opened the [...]

Healthy ‘n’ Hungry Fur-balls2020-03-18T21:35:30+00:00

September 1st

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Day of Brightness. Day One. I was born. The thought still brings fur-balls to my throat! The first thing I remember was – a heated pink tunnel. The warm fuzziness of the tunnel didn’t last long. I soon popped into the cold. My brothers and sisters wriggled on [...]

September 1st2020-03-18T21:29:45+00:00