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We Believe

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Meooooow. My humans and I believe that the future is worth protecting. We believe that climate change is affecting us all. We believe that climate change is real. We will donate $5 for every Ripple Rug sold to support the United States Climate Alliance. Join with us and [...]

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‘Purr n Play’ n Paw A Little…

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat meow...have you bought a Purr N Play? If YES - we'd love to know ;-) The Purr N Play is a knock-off of our lovely Ripple Rug. Help us with our on-going investigations into these copycats' naughty  behavior. Please email my human fred@ripplerug.com "Ripple Rug ~ There is [...]

‘Purr n Play’ n Paw A Little…2020-03-19T21:36:29+00:00

Copycats – Shame On You!

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Me and my humans were horrified to learn that some smelly copycats decided to try and make a knock-off of our beloved  Ripple Rug - under a different name. Copycats often follow a pattern: they run commercials, create a website, spread messages via social media etc. Anyway, unsuspecting [...]

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Food Glorious Food!

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat It’s that time of year…shorter days, colder temperatures, less chipmunks running around. This season makes me so hungry. Humans and fur babies alike notice less daylight hours during the winter months. Thankfully today is TURKEY DAY! I’m already begging for some of that tasty, succulent birdie. It smells [...]

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By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat It’s that time of year again! Things go bump in the night and our human parents insist that we don weird materials. Let’s be clear, I’m nothing like the real BatCat. Don’t get me wrong. I love the summer dusk evenings, watching those furry flying squeakers, as they [...]


Donuts! – Covered In Cinnamon Sugar Balls

By Yoda - The Snuggly Cat Mew – did I feel rough yesterday! Let me tell you why… My humans left the nest for a few hours. Within that time, I decided to entertain myself. I managed to jump on the metal door flapper handle thing and I made my escape. Oh - what [...]

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