By Yoda – The Snuggly Cat

Meow – what’s all the hiss about?

My humans are acting differently to normal. They never leave the house. Which is great, because that means I don’t get stuck by myself at home with the green-eyed furball – Spock. He’s a feisty one – I tell you. If he jumps out on me from behind the sofa once more, I swear, it won’t be just spit I launch at him. Oh yes, Spock is the one missing the loo paper. I’ve caught him more than once, clawing and pulling at it until it makes snake-shapes all over the floor.

Luckily my humans saw Spock picking-away at the roll, so they gave me treats for bringing it to their attention, I meowed at them loudly. Loo paper, BTW, is the way my human-mom (UK=mum) says it (=toilet paper). She comes from far away, across the pond, where they have a lady with a gold hat on, who still performs Queeny-type duties (I believe gentle hand-waving mostly, human contact is strictly forbidden, especially at the moment apparently).

Well back to my humans. They are not leaving the house, they said that they’re staying six-feet away from other humans. They are constantly washing their hands, for what seems like an inordinate amount of time to us kitties, about 20 seconds. They also keep talking about ‘Covid’. I do hope that they aren’t thinking about getting a dog. Because Covid sounds like a dog’s name. Just imagine: you throw out a stick, your obedient dogs waits for your command: “Go Covid, run, fetch the stick, go fetch Covid”!

My humans are very concerned for everyone. They keep saying how it’s going to be difficult and that everyone has to stay inside. Does that include me? I do like when they take me outside for supervised playtime. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind gently caressing your fur, the scent of a wild chipmunk breeze past your nose or the texture of real soil between your paws. (Or grass to eat, so that I can barf it right up on their floor when I get back inside).

As long as I get my chicken-treats, the heat stays on to keep us warm, (on those cold early spring frosty nights), I’ll be happy.

Now a message from my humans:

As any small business owner knows, this is a difficult time for everyone. We urge everyone to practice social distancing and encourage their elderly parents to do the same! We regularly consult the CDC guidelines, so that we may know how to proceed in many aspects of our daily lives, social interactions and the way in which we practice our business.

Many people are being encouraged to work from home, which, as small business owners we continue to do. We are also in constant contact with our contract manufacturers to ensure that they are taking the necessary precautions and are not putting themselves in harm’s way during this strenuous time.

The news over the next couple of months will be constantly updating.  New tasks and restrictions will emerge, that no doubt, will be burdensome for many. We do hope to ride out this tumultuous storm. If at some point we become unable to ship product, because of the impact of the virus or an enforced government mandate; we will continue stay in touch with our pet-parent community. We will answer the phone, emails, social media interactions and will post about fun things that you can choose to do, to enrich the lives of your fur-balls at home.

We are faced with impossible choices, but we choose to proactively follow the advice given by medical experts and will keep you updated as the days go on.

For now…meow long and prospurr…

Stay safe furry friends xxx